Case story 3

It is all about team work
The Proactive Review ended up by an agreed action plan, an improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, more reliable timing for closing deals and a reduced risk of last-minute time pressure on both sides.

Managing Director Derek Field was the Sponsor for the Proactive Review. The customer was VVS who signed a huge deal with the Keablok Ltd. Sales Team Leader Tom Vansten had successfully driven the negotiation steps supported by the Managing Director. The closing of the deal was scheduled for 31. January, but at the end of the day it was a thrilling closing just before midnight.

The purpose of this Proactive Review was to reflect the whole negotiation and contract closing history especially in regards how Keablok Ltd.  and VVS could prevent the high time pressure on both sides in the finish phase.

The customer was invited to the Proactive Review, and they appreciated this kind of reflecting approach and was very open and honestly during the PR session. In a structured and very constructive way both sides exchanged their views and perceptions and collected ideas on what to do next time to make this deal faster and smarter for all involved stakeholders. At the end they came up with an agreed action plan that showed specifically what to continue, what to start and what to stop to do in the future.

Very important consequences of this Proactive Review are firstly the very positive starting point for a new customer, secondly the learning improved time planning of the required steps for huge deals; thirdly the customer took several points how they could better support these kinds of contracts and taking best benefits out of it, and last but not least the future collaboration on matching communication between VVS and Keablok Ltd. – is already in the development phase.

Managing Director Derek Field recommends Proactive Reviews to improve teamwork with your customers, as it brings value to both sides.

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