Case story 1

Setting the price

A number of bad examples had shown that there was a problem with the price of product A in a specific market segment. The sales people turned to the managing director with the problem, and he suggested a Proactive Review with the participation of sales, internal audit and the internal lawyer, all in all 13 participants plus two Facilitators. Three hours were scheduled for the Proactive Review.
The Managing Director – who was the Sponsor – defined the purpose of the Proactive Review to “set the price, alternatively to create discounts on Product A to this segment, without negative consequences for other products or segments”. The Sponsor sent out an invitation to the Proactive Review, and he was present at the very beginning of the meeting, welcoming all the participants and introducing the two Facilitators. He promised to return at the end of the meeting, so that he could receive the action and communication plan and any comments the participants wanted to share with him.
The two Facilitators shared the work between them: one took notes on his PC and made them visible for all the participants on a big screen, and the other Facilitator managed the meeting. Halfway through the Proactive Review they changed roles.
The Facilitator spent a few minutes loosening up the group by asking, “What would be the best output from this Proactive Review from your point of view?” The answers were very much in line with: I want a consistent price on product A for all customers in the segment, and I want a clear definition of the segment.
The result of the Proactive Review was to establish a few working groups that had an objective and a deadline.
The Sponsor was called in and he was given the action and communication plan, and stayed at the meeting to listen to the personal highlight for each participant. Then he finished the Proactive Review.

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