How to get started

The CEO and the high level management team decide to run Proactive Reviews as a process for problem solving, innovation and organisational learning.

The organisation trains the managers in their obligations regarding Proactive Reviews.

The organisation trains a group of Facilitators, who will maintain the dialogue throughout the Proactive Review. The basic skills of the Facilitator are the ability to stay neutral during the conversations, keep confidentiality and excellent listening and communication skills. A handbook is available on

The managers define when it is appropriate to run Proactive Reviews.

Establish or buy a system to capture the tangible outcome of the Proactive Reviews.

Appoint a Facilitator Lead to drive the process, connect managers and facilitators and address findings important to the senior management team or CEO.

Identify successful cases to pilot Proactive Reviews on. Choose a positive case as it is easier for us as human beings to learn from success than it is to learn from failure. Proactive Reviews must never be used as a punishment, as this will ruin the creativity and the learning process.

Communicate the process and the results of Proactive Reviews run.

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